Powell's Painting Services

Interior/ Exterior Painting and staining

We specialize in residential painting, you will have to call and ask if we can do commercial painting, it will vary depending on circumstance. Some of the duties may include things like, removing old paint, priming surfaces, choosing materials, selecting and mixing colors and cleaning up job sites. Residential Painting is our specialty.

Pressure Washing Homes

Any type of home gets dirty over time, but a pressure washer can quickly restore your home to its former beauty. We use a high-pressure water spray ideal for tough cleaning jobs on homes, decks, porches, driveways, fines and even sidewalks.

Wood Replacement and Minor Carpentry Work

If you notice some deformation in your exterior wood, you should get it fixed fast. We offer wood repair and replacement services, call us and ask what we can do for you. We also do minor carpentry work, call us and let us know what your concerns are and we can get and idea of how we could service you!

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